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My Dog’s Been Diagnosed With Epilepsy, Help!

Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition amongst dogs, affecting an estimated 5% of the canine population. A dog with epilepsy will begin to display symptoms between the age of 1 and 5 years. Epilepsy is a condition that causes the sufferer to experience seizures, which have no physical cause. It is believed to have genetic roots and is, therefore, [&hellip

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Christmas-Themed Foodie Fundraising Ideas

During the winter, everything seems expensive: bills go up because we need to heat our houses; there are gifts to buy for Christmas and extra warm clothing to stock up on. Unfortunately in recent years the usual expense of winter has been coupled with general financial hardship as the economic climate remains poor. One of the first things that people [&hellip

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UK Dog Owners Will Spend Millions Entertaining Their Pets

This year Britain’s dog owners are planning to make the most of the Summer months and lighter nights by taking more road trips with their dogs. However according to new research released from, it comes at a cost. New research of dog-lovers across the UK commissioned by has shown that we’re paying a high price for being a [&hellip

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For Better Dog Training Results: Understand Your Dog’s Hearing Ability

A dog’s keen sensitivity to low-volume sound is often troublesome. They can hear a faint sound at 75 feet, while most humans could only detect it at 17 feet. This indicates that a dog must learn to ignore myriad sounds that do not affect him, and accommodate to a veritable avalanche of sounds in a family household, such as television, [&hellip

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My Dog is Nervous, What Can I Do?

Owning a dog with a predisposition toward nervousness is not an insurmountable obstacle. These top tips should help. 5) In situations where your dog shows fear towards strangers or visitors to them home, try and explain to visitors that you would prefer if simply ignored the dog completely, not even looking at the dog once or paying them the slightest [&hellip

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Understanding The Canine Emotional Spectrum

Trying to determine if your dog is experiencing anger, love, or any other “human” emotion is difficult. To date, no one has been able to provide convincing scientific evidence that we can distinguish one emotion from another by what our brains or hormones do. We obviously feel differently when we’re in a loving versus an angry mood; however, what our [&hellip

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How Do I Stop My Dog Chasing Cows?

“I live on a cow farm and my dog is a Samoyed. Every once in a while he gets out and chases the cows and we are afraid that one of the cows will fall and break a leg, or fall and injure the dog. Can you tell me a way I could break his habit of chasing cows?” Answer: [&hellip

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How to Keep Puppy Learning Fun & Entertaining

Looking for fun games that your puppy can enjoy? Check out these tantalizing activities that you can get a puppy of any age involved in. Grooming Made Fun Probably one of the most important things to do is groom and brush your puppy. So what better way to start on the right foot than to make it a pleasant experience? [&hellip

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11 Dog Grooming Tips Professional Dog Groomers Swear By

When we think about grooming dogs we often picture Poodles, Pomeranians and posh pooches. But grooming is essential for all dogs. Dogs skin and coats are a vital health concern for dog owners to consider. When it comes time to brush up on your dog’s grooming, here are some helpful hints. 1. Select a brush that is intended for your [&hellip

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How Much Exercise Should You Give An Arthritic Dog?

Dogs with arthritis will sometimes limp in pain and as dog owners, it’s heartbreaking to watch your dog suffer. As we know, dogs themselves very rarely ‘complain’ and instead are more likely to give you extra licks when you’re trying to comfort them. One of the best things you can do for your dog once arthritis has been diagnosed by [&hellip

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