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How Do I Stop My Dog Chasing Cows?

“I live on a cow farm and my dog is a Samoyed. Every once in a while he gets out and chases the cows and we are afraid that one of the cows will fall and break a leg, or fall and injure the dog. Can you tell me a way I could break his habit of chasing cows?” Answer: [&hellip

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5 Most Common Dog Ear Problems

Our dogs ears are prone to a variety of unpleasant problems. Whether it’s ear infections, debris, ear mites or damage caused by external sources. Here we outline the 5 most common dog ear problems so you know what to look out for when caring for your dog’s health… The following are the top 5 common dog ear problems. Allergies An [&hellip

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Bringing Your New Puppy Home

The fun of bringing a new puppy home and introducing him to his new family is a very special experience. He will, of course, become a well-mannered dog, staying quietly at our side, eager to follow our every command. Well, it is a long road from the cuddly puppy to the mature dog, but with some effort and understanding it [&hellip

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I Found Blood In My Dog’s Urine, What Does it Mean?

To find blood in your dog’s urine can be alarming. In reality, so it should be. Blood in the urine is an early warning system that, without exception, should prompt you to take your dog to the vet for tests. In this guide we’ll explain what some of the potential problems blood in the urine can be an indicator of. [&hellip

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12 Ways To Lower Your Vet Bill

Veterinary charges are one of the biggest expenses that dog owners have to deal with.  The problem with vet bills is that you can’t budget for them in the way you can for food or other more fixed outgoings. A large vet bill can come straight out of the blue and hit a dog owner for six ( or six [&hellip

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Dog Urine Killing Lawn?

Dog urine killing lawn? Now, that’s a problem many a dog owner has faced and it causes frustration and annoyance that on the one hand we want our dogs to enjoy our garden, on the other, WE want to enjoy our garden as well! Our well kept lawn is now looking more like a patchwork of green and brown circles [&hellip

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How To Dog Proof Your Home

Straying, dog theft and other disasters can really cause untold emotional damage to the unfortunate dog owners who have to experience the aftermath of a dog going missing. In this comprehensive guide, courtesy of our friends at K9 Magazine, we give you some simple, easy to implement instructions on how you can make your home more secure and, as close [&hellip

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How to Commission a Dog Portrait

Wow, it’s a real tricky decision all right. You decide to commission someone to draw or paint your beloved pooch and woe betide the man or woman who takes up that assignment and….gets it wrong! We all know what our dogs look like. But there is that undoubted intangible factor of ‘capturing their personality’. [sws_toggle1 title=”Capture Your Dog’s Personality Forever [&hellip

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Is It Safe to Let Dogs Lick Your Face?

Rare is the dog owner who’s pet has never given them a canine kiss. Sloppy, wet dog kisses – it would seem – could hand in paw with the dog ownership experience. But can dogs pass on germs when they lick your face? One of the more commonly asked questions we get here at is whether dogs can pass [&hellip

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Tips For Moving Home With a Dog

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences known to man and, unless a pet’s individual needs are considered, it can be a testing time for them too. A new home environment means new territory, new smells and probably new neighbours, and all of this can be unsettling for an animal, quite aside from the journey from one property [&hellip

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