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Dog Leash Training Guide

So, you’d like to know how to stop your dog pulling on the lead? Glorious summer days. The sounds of birds tweeting. Beautiful scenery all around….all completely overshadowed by the hound from hell dragging you at a pace you didn’t choose, in fact at a pace you can barely keep up with! Taking the dog for a walk is supposed [&hellip

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The Link Between Dog Food & Bad Behavior

For many dog owners struggling with their dog’s behavior, one of the last places they investigate when trying to solve the problem is their dog’s food. The link between how dog’s behave and the food they eat is exceptionally close. In fact, the exact same is true of us. Think about it this way; if you were eating a diet [&hellip

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Housebreaking an Older Dog

There are times when housebreaking an older dog becomes a priority for a new owner. This is particularly true for those people who adopt an older dog and need to get on with the business of housbreaking their new, more mature pet as soon as possible. Our free guide to housebreaking an older dog will help you with tips, techniques [&hellip

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10 Tips to Stop Dogs Digging

Wondering how to stop dogs from digging up your garden? Is your dog’s digging causing all your hard gardening graft to go up in mounds of unevenly scattered earth? Here’s our top tips on how to stop dogs from digging in your garden. 10 Tips To Stop Dogs From Digging Your plants, whether indoors or out, may have a special [&hellip

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Cesar Milan’s Top Dog Training Tips

National Geographic Channel’s Cesar Millan aka The Dog Whisperer, has issued what he considers to be the seven most important dog training tips for owners of new dogs. Millan believes in order to prevent problems down the road, it’s important that owners establish routine and boundaries early on. Enjoy these Dog Whisperer dog training tips courtesy of Cesar Millan and [&hellip

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Do Dogs Get Jealous?

According to some new research by scientists, they do. Dogs do get jealous? Really? Personally, I don’t believe they do and I’ll explain more about that in a moment. But first let us look at the new research done in the name of science. The experiment consisted of taking pairs of dogs and getting them to present a paw for [&hellip

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How to Stop a Dog Pulling

Dogs who pull on the leash tend to make walks a real chore for their long suffering owners. Learning to stop and cure a dog from pulling on the leash can make such a positive impact on the relationship between dog and owner as it creates for a more pleasurable dog walking experience. This video quickly outlines exercises to get [&hellip

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Tips On How to Keep Your Dog Busy

Keeping Your Dog Busy: How to keep your dog entertained Everybody wants their dog to lead a happy, fulfilled life. So here we’ve put together a list of activities that you can engage in with your dog. They’re not only fun, but they also provide a great way to exercise and to preserve your dog’s natural instincts and abilities.Tracking: Tracking [&hellip

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