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Christmas-Themed Foodie Fundraising Ideas

During the winter, everything seems expensive: bills go up because we need to heat our houses; there are gifts to buy for Christmas and extra warm clothing to stock up on. Unfortunately in recent years the usual expense of winter has been coupled with general financial hardship as the economic climate remains poor. One of the first things that people [&hellip

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UK Dog Owners Will Spend Millions Entertaining Their Pets

This year Britain’s dog owners are planning to make the most of the Summer months and lighter nights by taking more road trips with their dogs. However according to new research released from, it comes at a cost. New research of dog-lovers across the UK commissioned by has shown that we’re paying a high price for being a [&hellip

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How Much Exercise Should You Give An Arthritic Dog?

Dogs with arthritis will sometimes limp in pain and as dog owners, it’s heartbreaking to watch your dog suffer. As we know, dogs themselves very rarely ‘complain’ and instead are more likely to give you extra licks when you’re trying to comfort them. One of the best things you can do for your dog once arthritis has been diagnosed by [&hellip

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Living With An Arthritic Dog: How To Make Your Dog’s Life Easier

If you have a dog that is hesitant to stand up, slow to respond, or inactive, you would probably think that these are just symptoms of ageing.  However, regardless of the age, your dog may be suffering from canine osteoarthritis. Veterinary care for dogs has advanced greatly in recent years which allows us as dog owners to investigate treatments that [&hellip

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Bringing Your New Puppy Home

The fun of bringing a new puppy home and introducing him to his new family is a very special experience. He will, of course, become a well-mannered dog, staying quietly at our side, eager to follow our every command. Well, it is a long road from the cuddly puppy to the mature dog, but with some effort and understanding it [&hellip

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12 Ways To Lower Your Vet Bill

Veterinary charges are one of the biggest expenses that dog owners have to deal with.  The problem with vet bills is that you can’t budget for them in the way you can for food or other more fixed outgoings. A large vet bill can come straight out of the blue and hit a dog owner for six ( or six [&hellip

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