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Why Is Puppy Socialization So Important?

Puppy socialization is so important, it’s worth saying twice. A failure to properly socialize young puppies is one of the single biggest reasons for bad dog behavior in adult dogs. Behavior such as aggression (dog on dog), disobedience and general bad manners around other dogs, particularly in public. The long term benefits of a high quality puppy socialization plan simply [&hellip

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How to Stop Puppy Chewing

Definitely and without question one of the bigger frustrations for the new puppy owner is the problem of chewing. Particularly destructive chewing (normal chewing of items that the puppy has been given is, of course, perfectly natural). So here is our 7 top tips to cure your puppy chewing nightmare! Puppies chew objects for a variety of reasons. Puppies chew [&hellip

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How to Stop Puppy Chewing Wires

Protecting computer, appliance, home entertainment and other cables and wires around the home from your dog or cat and, in doing so, keeping your four-legged friend out of harm’s way, is critical. Stop Your Puppy Chewing Cables and Wires – There are numerous products on the market today for covering household wires to keep your pet – and even small [&hellip

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